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Reference and Resource Links

Dictionary & Thesaurus
1. Dictionary & Thesaurus
2. Miriam-Webster Online Dictionary & Thesaurus

E-zines for Writers
3. The Eclectic Writer
4. Writer’s Weekly

Find a Writer’s Conference or book
5. Find A Writer’s Conference near you - or somewhere exotic
6. Bibliofind – find even out of print books

7. Concise Guide to Grammar & Style
8. Grammar Style RefDesk
9. Guide to Grammar & Style

Historical Facts
10. Today-in-History for any day of the year
11. U.S. Biographical Information on key figures in American history

Legal Resources
12. Duhaime's Plain Language Law Dictionary
13. Copyright information – the final word

MultiGenre resources – and Creative Writing practice
14. Writers Resources
15. Christian Writers Guide
16. WritingFix – home of interactive writing prompts
17. Create your own Social Network (skip Facebook & MySpace)

Statistics and Statistical Databases
18. Statistical Abstract of the U.S. social trends and statistics
19. The Roper Center for Public Opinion polls since 1935
20. The Gallup Organization poll archives
21. U.S. Statistics & Population Profiles
22. U.S. Health Statistics
23. U.S. Education Statistics

Quotes and Searchable Quotation Databases
24. Christian Thinkers
25. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
26. Quotation Finder ThinkExist Quotation Finder
27. Christian Quotes
28. QuoteLand

Writer’s Supplies Superstores
29. Writers Supply
30. Writer’s Store

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